How to display PDF files in Blog Posts

How to display PDF files in Blog Posts 

How to Display PDF Files in Blog Posts – To create a page that can be read through a browser like a form in the office you have to make a copy of the file from Google Drive so that PDF files can appear on the blog.

Here are the Steps to Display PDF Files in Blog Posts:

1. First Please open the Google drive  site . Then upload the file by pressing the + New button > Select Upload file.

2. After you have finished uploading the file> set the privacy to be public by right-clicking on the file that you uploaded earlier then select share

3. Then click the button Get the link that can be shared > Click the down arrow select> Anyone with the link can see > Select Other.

4.  Then select Active – Public on the web  > Then Save.

5. Then right-click on the file and select Preview.

6. Then click the point 3 icon on the top right, please select Open in a new window .

7. Click the image icon again , then select Embed item …

8. Next, please link code to  Google drive  and install it on the blog post.

9. Create a post or a new page on the blog pasting the code that you got earlier in HTML mode and then publishing it.

10. Finish and now try to see the results.

To set the width you can edit on the Width and Height section Adjust it to your blog to be more responsive.