Tips for Buying Seconds

Tips for Buying Seconds 

Laptops are no longer a luxury item that is only owned by people who have a lot of money or better known as rich people. Along with the development of technology and the need for technology itself so the need for laptops becomes unlimited and does not recognize rich and poor like mobile phones. The prices available on the market vary and allow everyone to buy it, whether it’s a new laptop or second hand or second hand laptop.

For a new laptop of course I do not think it’s too hard to choose it but what if we want to buy a used laptop.

Do not because cheap prices are directly purchased but you should first read the following tips before making a decision to buy them.

  1. Hardware
    • The hardware referred to here is physical from the laptop itself, starting from the LCD. To prove that the LCD has no leak, you should replace the background color with a dark color if you see bright white dots, then the LCD might have leaked.
    • Case or body as a whole from the laptop itself, note the laptop case fastening bolts to fit correctly, if there is a loose bolt that the laptop is often dismantled.
    • Kayboard and TouchPad, if these two components look still in good condition, it is likely that the previous laptop owner took good care of the laptop.
    • Battery, this is also very important if the previous laptop user uses the battery properly, then the possibility of the battery function still keeps electricity, testing the battery’s worthiness by trying to use the battery on the laptop without connecting to an electrical outlet.
    • Laptop completeness such as Compact Disk (CD) The default driver is the laptop itself. A driver CD must exist because every laptop must have its own driver. This CD driver is very needed if in the future there is damage to the operating system
  1. Software
    • Software or software that is in the laptop is very meaningful because if the programs on the laptop do not function properly then it will mean nothing to a laptop. Pay attention to what software is in it whether it is in accordance with your needs or not. Also note the driver software is installed correctly.

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