Various types of internet services

Various types of internet services 

With the increasingly rapid development of generation of internet technology, the Internet is now a basic need that cannot be separated from the lives of our days who are hungry for information. 

No longer a luxury item, the internet is now easily available or accessible. Various jobs or needs can be easily completed through the internet. The services on the internet are very helpful, moreover not only one type of service, on the internet there are many services that are ready to help the needs of netizens.

We can use various internet services for free at this time, all of which have positive and negative impacts depending on how we use them wisely. The following are various types of internet services that are commonly found and used by the community to make it easier for people to carry out their activities.

Types of internet services commonly used by the public

1. Email (Electronic Mail)

is an internet service that is widely used by people in Indonesia and in the world. The e-mail address is now like it has become a personal identity, because by e-mail we can send letters to each other quickly. E-mail is a substitute for our home address.

Internet services in the form of e-mail are very many kinds, some are free and some are paid. Examples of free e-mails are Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail. According to the history of this service is the first internet service in the world, Even I read on Wikipedia email was created before the internet was created.

2. WWW (World Wide Web)

Internet services in the form of www services are very popular among the public, this service allows us all to explore web pages on the internet. Information seekers on the internet utilize this www service to find abundant information from the internet. 

Just a reminder, even though the www service is very useful, but there are also many negative sides that are also offered such as gambling, pornography, and trafficking.

3. Mailing list

Internet service Mailing list allows for a discussion forum between e-mail owners on the internet. Discussion material is usually sent to e-mails of each member of the discussion.

The popular provision of Mailing Lists is Yahoo Groups. You can discuss various topics of discussion by becoming a member of a mailing list.

4. E-Commerce 

E-Commerce is an internet service for economic purposes, such as an online shop. With the internet service like this you no longer have to bother shopping at the mall or supermarket to buy the items you want. 

Simply open your laptop or gadget and then connect to the internet, find a trusted online shop or online store and sell the quality items that you want, even the payment system can be made through  transfer or pay on the spot.

5. E-Banking

You can get easy transaction and real time money transfers using the E-Banking internet service. At present almost all state and private banks provide this E-Banking feature to their customers. 

The advantages of E-Banking compared to ordinary transactions are its convenience. For transfers, for example, you don’t need to come to the nearest ATM machine again to transfer some money. 

Just use this internet service so you can transfer money quickly.

6. E-Goverment

E-Government is a form of government service to the community by utilizing information technology. With the existence of E-Government, it is expected to improve public services to be more efficient, comfortable and better accessibility.

7. E-Learning

E-Learning is an electronic learning system, that is, between students and teachers not face to face directly but only meet through a computer screen with materials prepared by the teacher.

Computers become intermediate media between learners and teachers. In this system there are weaknesses and advantages.

8. Chatting 

This internet service is a favorite service of young people, chat is a textual conversation between internet users all over the world. One chat application that is often used by the public is Facebook.

9. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is an internet service that allows free telephone calls. If you use this one internet service you only need an internet connection without having to pay telephone credit.

Lots of free VOIP servers that you can use for this internet service, one of the most famous in Indonesia is the people’s VOIP.

So that is the variety of internet services that ordinary people use the internet service above requires the use of wisdom and maturity of ourselves so that it is always useful and as needed and not fall into negative things.

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