Steps to Overcoming Game Addiction in Children

Steps to Overcoming Game Addiction in Children

It can be said, games can be useful as mere entertainment facilities that are played occasionally.

But games can be a serious problem if you are addicted, both in children, adolescents and adults.

 games can be useful as mere entertainment facilities that are played occasionally Steps to Overcoming Game Addiction in Children

The danger of game addiction can be very severe, especially in children who are in their infancy, both physically, mentally and intellectually.

Children who are only busy playing PC and smartphone games all day, so they stay quiet at home too often, and their bodies rarely move.

Playing games may be for entertainment but there are limits, because there are many other useful activities that need to be done in everyday life.

How to Treat Game Addiction

It is quite difficult to overcome children who are already fanatical (addicted) playing games.

It takes a long time, and also need patience to be able to overcome game addiction in children. Parents can distract children.

Encourage and encourage children to do sports activities that they like. So if the child is accustomed to doing sports that he likes then the nature of the game’s addiction will decrease little by little.

Parents can give rules to children, the rules are: “New children may play games after doing sports activities (for example playing soccer, basketball, swimming lessons, etc.).”

Spend Time for Children, and Give Attention to Children

It is very important for parents to provide sufficient time for children.

After returning from work (can be in the afternoon or after maghrib time), parents need to gather with children while drinking tea and chatting about fun things.

When times gather like this, parents can ask some questions that show parents’ attention to children.

In addition, parents can also teach or tell something to children, or parents and children do certain activities.

In essence, during times of quality time like this, DO NOT UNTIL each party is busy with its own gadget.

Teach Schedule of Activities to Children

This is very important, notify the child of the activities he will do in the morning, afternoon, evening and evening.

By training children to be able to understand various activities and obligations, then this will eliminate the game addiction on a regular basis.

Always warn children about their obligations, if the child is not trained, remind them every hour.

Parents need to find out about activities that can please children, try the activities useful for the future of the child.

These activities can be like martial arts training, swimming, basketball, futsal, computer tutoring, video editing, designer, programming, and hundreds of other prestigious activities that may be liked by the child.

Create Game Playback Limits, and Find Peer Friends

In the past, parents could easily order children to go home and stop playing at 5 pm.

This is easy to do because the children at that time were accustomed to doing so.

That way, make it a habit for your child to have activities besides playing games on the gadget.

First limit the time to play children’s games slowly. Then start inputting some activities that are useful for children.

At a minimum, invite the child to play in a green park, if there can be friends of the same age so it’s fun and fun

These two things (reducing playing time and giving children useful activities) must be intensified. But just do it slowly, don’t rush.

In essence, parents try to get addicted to the game in children can be reduced little by little.

Avoid forcing the child to stop playing the game suddenly suddenly, because it will likely fail.

Other Things

-Be sure to give a password to the gadget, don’t let the child know the password.

– Equip true knowledge of cyber hazards to children. Regularly educating children about the dangers of misuse of gadgets.

– Parents must provide good examples for children. Children will imitate their parents, so parents do not operate the gadget too often because children are imitated by children.

– Try every day to spend “Family Time”. It’s important to talk, joke and share with other family members.

-Empress for a shared dinner.

-If you want to watch a movie, do it together with your family.

– Little by little to train children to use technology (internet) for useful things.

-If you can do family recreation regularly, try to go to natural places, beaches and the like.

– Stopping children from playing games cannot be done instantly. The focus is to reduce the time playing children games slowly.

Just like that, remember the points mentioned above.

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