6 Effective SEO Techniques to Increase Blog Traffic

6 Effective SEO Techniques to Increase Blog Traffic

There are many SEO companies that want to sell their services to website owners who don’t have a lot of clues about search engine optimization techniques . These companies have spawned a lot of tactics about SEO that they want website owners to trust so they hire these companies for SEO requirements. Not many people know for sure about search engine mechanisms and indexing. That makes them believe in this Tactic. Here are some myths that need to be cleaned so that everyone understands what they really need.

6 Effective SEO Techniques to Increase Blog Traffic:

1. Ranking of pages has to do with search status

Many people believe that positioning their site on search engine results pages shows the number of searches about them. This is a myth because the search engine mechanism is far more complicated and versatile. If your website has a ranking of one to five, the search engine places you there compared to other sites of the same type. There are many things that are compared to search engines to generate rankings every month.

2. Google indexing depends on site registration

Until a few years ago, every website owner was bound to register their site with Google to be indexed but these days were no more than a necessity. Google’s search engine mechanism has increased rapidly and they now have an automated system that checks your website as soon as you buy a domain. It keeps doing it from time to time and indexes your site. There is nothing you have to do anymore.

3. Keyword density

Many people don’t know this but keyword density is indeed Tactic. You definitely need keywords, and of course some are well organized, in all your posts to make them SEO friendly but you don’t have a certain number to maintain. There are no rules for keyword density and you need to include them as long as they mix well with keywords. Filling your posts with keywords won’t help you and will definitely reduce the quality of the content.

4. Meta tags can make a big difference

To be true, Meta tags are really great as an SEO tool even a few years ago, but then SEO experts all over the world started sending spam for better rankings. Today’s search engines no longer pay attention to the same Meta tags as before and that is why they are no more used as usual. You can certainly use Meta tags but they won’t help you much. Also read: Blogger New SEO Options with Meta Tags

5. Shared links are very helpful

Shared links are the main idea when first released and it helps websites to get big traffic. However, like every old method, it doesn’t work anymore. This link sharing technique is no longer useful because modern search engine mechanisms ignore these links from the start. 

6. You need an SEO expert

This is one SEO myth that can be considered a relative one. If you are a person with SEO knowledge, and some experience, then you definitely don’t need an SEO company to do your job.

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